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VITAL SEE biotech 

" As a knowledge broker and innovation consultant, I have been able to accompany many successful companies. It has always been important to me to make existing knowledge usable in order to implement innovations sustainably by taking small steps. When I accidentally came into contact with traditional botany more than 10 years ago, I knew intuitively; I would like to raise this ancient knowledge and make it tangible for the needs of the new age. My role in this is still that of the knowledge broker. To my great personal delight, however, in close cooperation with other leading experts in the field of modern herbal medicine."


     dr Wolfgang Bittner, CEO 


In order to introduce innovation and progress into the complex field of botany, the highest possible demands on quality management, the most precise controls and standardization of the product are required. According to our purity and sustainability requirements, no chemical agents are used in the cultivation or processing of our products and the processing takes place exclusively in Austrian companies. For this reason, we, VITALSEE biotech GmbH, have deliberately settled in one of the most beautiful places of power in Austria. With "Made in Austria" we guarantee our top priority; "With us, what's on the inside is inside."



Driven by the spirit of gentle innovation ethics, we support traditional herbal medicine with experimental and clinical studies in association with other experts. We take the complexity out of partially outdated processes and thus create a real advantage in the field of modern phyto-science. Are you a doctor/therapist/or do you want to be part of our community?

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THE future of nutrition 

Studies show; the new person identifies himself through self-optimization, and this also specifically through nutrition.  This increases the demand for new, optimized food sources. At Vitalsee, we are already creating a remarkably high concentration of plant power in each of our products through innovative extraction and standardization processes. The balancing active principle of the ENTIRE plant is included. The nutritional supplements developed in this way support the people of the new age in the highest possible quality

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