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Our immune system is particularly challenged during the flu season. A healthy diet is often no longer sufficient to have a good defense against infection. Then a “booster” with food supplements or vitamins makes sense.


Therefore, support your immune system with the highly potent combination product VITA.novira forte opus magnum from Vitalsee.


The main part of this purely herbal product is the Thai Andrographis paniculata (further information), which is a true IMMUNE BOOSTER with its active ingredients andrographolides and the trace elements zinc, selenium, iron and copper. This combination preparation is reinforced with turmeric root extract and its active ingredients, the curcuminoids, as well as zinc, vitamin C from rose hips, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

VITA.novira forte

SKU: 705
  • Supplied in a practical, light-protected glass container with 60 vegan capsules filled with   200 mg Andrographis paniculata plant extract, 50 mg  Turmeric root extract, 5 mg zinc, 100 mg rosehip extract, 2.5 µg vitamin D3, 11 µg vitamin K

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