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for the harmonized acid-base balance


Base powders consist of important minerals and trace elements. They neutralize acids and counteract hyperacidity. An optimal relationship between acids and bases is crucial for a healthy body feeling. However, if the body has too many  Highly acid-forming foods such as sugar, carbohydrates and animal products can lead to hyperacidity. Everyday stress, smoking, lack of sleep and exercise can also lead to an imbalanced acid-base balance. As a result of overacidification, the acids and salts / waste products are deposited in the body. Without being aware of it, we hinder it every day and literally get "sour".


Vitalsee BASIC POWDER  consists of an ideally coordinated combination of natural minerals, which supplies the body with sufficient minerals and thus contributes to rapid deacidification.


SKU: 703

    Supplied in a practical, light-protected monthly container with 180g of coordinated base powder from:     

    1) Calcium Carbonate     

    2) potassium hydrogen carbonate         

    3) Potassium citrate  

    4) magnesium carbonate 

    5) Magnesium glycerophosphate    

    6) dextroxes    

    7) tricalcium phosphate.

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