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Turmeric is a tropical mountain plant native to India and Southeast Asia. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family of plants. Curcuma has also been used in North Africa and Europe since the early Middle Ages. The root tuber is used fresh or dried.


The special feature of Vitalsee CURCUMA longa 300 extract is its extraordinarily high proportion of pure CURCUMIN  at least 95% CURCUMIN ingredients. Its bioavailability can be significantly improved by the active ingredient PIPERINE (5%) in black pepper.

Due to its special ability to help with inflammation in the body, turmeric has a wide range of applications.  

CURCUMA longa 300 PLUS Extrakt

SKU: 915
  • Delivery in a practical, light-protected blister pack with 60 vegan capsules, filled with 300 mg high-percentage CURCUMA extract powder and the special PLUS of the active ingredient piperine

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