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The plant, native to Asia, has been known in this area for decades. The dried leaves of the plant are used.

These are evidence-based supporters of liver cell renewal and detoxification, which is so important for us hedonists. It is also often taken prophylactically before drinking alcohol or rich cuisine.


Liver problems are rarely noticeable. This is usually recognized by the increased occurrence of chronic tiredness and exhaustion. In a subsequent blood test, these symptoms are all too often confirmed by increased liver values. But what to do? In order to avoid consequential damage, THUNBERGIA laurifolia not only supports liver detoxification in a natural way, but can also stimulate liver cell renewal. Therefore  to make sure that we relieve the liver. Because not only regular alcohol or medication, but also a lot of sweet and fatty food put a strain on the liver.




THUNBERGIA laurifolia 300 extract

SKU: 913
  • Auslieferung in praktischer, lichtgeschützter Blisterpackung mit 60 Kapseln, gefüllt mit 300 mg hochprozentigem Thunbergia laurifolia Extrakt Pulver


    • Glukosefrei 
    • Glutenfrei
    • Laktosefrei
    • Vegan
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