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The genus of willows consists of the different species. The growth habit includes large trees (e.g. the white willow S. alba) to small shrubs. Size and leaf shape also vary due to external influences such as location. That makes classification difficult. What all willows have in common is that they prefer to grow on moist ground because of the high water requirement. They are dioecious and their female and male flowers appear as so-called "catkins" in the spring before or with the sprout of the leaves.


  • Can relieve pain associated with chronic back pain or headaches
  • Can naturally inhibit the inflammatory process
  • Relief in inflammatory, rheumatic diseases
  • Can naturally reduce fever


SKU: 950
  • Delivery in a practical, light-protected glass container with 90  vegan capsules filled with willow bark extract. (10% Salicin)

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