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Does your body just not keep up despite the best nutrition, in the fast-paced everyday life? Or are you a top athlete in the middle of an intensive training cycle and want to push your body to even higher peaks with powerful ingredients? Then this set is the ideal support - and an ideal gift for your husband - or even for yourself. Because topics such as optimal muscle building and fat burning, support of the musculoskeletal system, even the formation of testosterone is also important for women! Keyword; optimal sexual sensation during menopause!


HIGH PERFORMANCE set consists of:





SKU: 602
€148.85 Regular Price
€130.00Sale Price
  • Magnesium quattro: Delivered in a practical, light-protected container with 60 vegan capsules

    Maca 300 Extract: Supplied in a practical, light-protected glass container with 90 vegan capsules, filled with 300 mg high-percentage 4:1 maca extract powder (4 kg maca root = 1 kg maca extract powder).

    Butea super 300 Toro Extract: Delivered in a practical light-protected blister pack with 60 vegan capsules, filled with 300 mg high-percentage Butea superba extract powder.

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