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In its natural L form, L-lysine is an essential, proteinogenic α - amino acid. This amino acid is an important component of a wide variety of proteins, but must be ingested through food because the body cannot produce it itself. The body can form other amino acids from L-lysine in interaction with other substances, including the vitamin-like L-carnitine. This in turn has a key function in energy metabolism and fat burning. These include enzymes, antibodies and hormones, as well as structural proteins from skin, bones and tendons.

Furthermore, it is, among other things, the starting material for carnitine synthesis and plays an important role in collagen protein synthesis as well as in the antiviral immune response. It is also an important building block for cell division and wound healing, and indispensable for the stability of collagen in connective tissue, since it is hydroxylated in these structural proteins and is therefore equipped with OH residues at special points. After absorption of the L-lysine amino acid, it is absorbed into the blood via special transporters through the intestinal wall and distributed throughout the body. Any excess is excreted through the kidneys.

A long-term L-lysine-free diet quickly leads to deficiency symptoms, which can manifest themselves in the form of growth disorders, reduced enzyme activity, weak bones, brittle hair and a weakened immune system. 


L-Lysine 500 is characterized in particular by the following modes of action:


  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Prevention of cold sores and other herpes infections
  • Forms structural proteins for skin, hair, bones and muscle cells
  • Promotes calcium metabolism and drives cell division
  • Promotes intact wound healing
  • Better athletic performance




L - LYSINE 500

SKU: 806
  • Supplied in a practical, light-protected container with 60  vegan capsules filled with L-lysine 

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