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Our red mold rice has been repackaged and now, with its changed monacolin content of 3 mg (instead of the previous 5 mg), belongs to the product category of the Opus Magnum line. Please discuss this with your doctor or therapist!


Fermented red rice is made by fermenting the rice flour from cooked white rice in conjunction with the yeast "Monascus purpureus". Red Yeast Rice contains the active ingredient monacolin K, which at the right concentration can play a key role in lowering cholesterol.


Recommendation for consumers (AGES 28.05.2019)

Since the EFSA was not able to derive a safe consumption level for monacolin K in its assessment, AGES, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection, recommends food supplements containing monacolin only in consultation with the doctor/pharmacist until a decision is made at European Union level to consume.



RED YEAST RICE K3 active extract

SKU: 707
  • Supplied in a practical, light-protected glass container  with 90 vegan capsules, filled with red mold rice extract, with 3  mg of highly effective active ingredient monacolin K.

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