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The aloe plant looks similar to a cactus plant on the outside, but belongs to the grass tree family. Over 400 different types of aloe are known, and we mainly use aloe vera – the “real” aloe. So far, 160 ingredients have been detected inside the leaves, some experts speak of many more. The original origin of the plant is not known, but is suspected to be on the Arabian Peninsula. Aloe vera is also known as aloe barbadensis miller, after Miller, who was the first to describe it scientifically.

ALOE barbadensis miller 300 extract

SKU: 918
  • Supplied in a practical, light-protected glass container with 90 vegan capsules, filled with 300 mg of high-percentage Aloe barbadensis miller pulp extract powder 200:1 (1 kg of the purest aloe vera extract powder is produced from 200 kg of aloe vera in a complex process)

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