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For the best we have developed the OPUS MAGNUM line. These are not mono-substances, but deliberately a wide range of different ingredients and here in particular 12 strains that are coordinated with one another! These 12 active and viable cultures are adapted to those found in the human gut. With 4 billion colony-forming units, the dosage is optimally adjusted for the structure.


The combination of twelve selected gastric acid-resistant lactobacteria strains supports the  Stabilization and regeneration of the intestinal flora by counteracting incorrect colonization with intestinal germs and thus restoring the natural balance. A healthy intestinal flora contributes significantly to strengthening the immune system.


In our gut, especially the large intestine,  quadrillions of bacteria ensure that toxins are removed and all vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals are made usable. These bacteria play a central role in digestion and can make a significant contribution to the functioning of the immune system. Recent studies further suggest that gut bacteria may even influence our behavior and mood.


SKU: 701
  • Delivery in the OPUS magnum Edition in  practical, light-protected glass container with 60 capsules, filled with 12 strains with 4 billion. CFU's

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